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30-08-2012, 09:51
Hi folks,

I have a new TM800HD and am curious to know what is the best image I should be loading onto the box.

I've read and seen various "teams" producing different images, with the iQ team producing the most recent one dated 28-Nov-2011.
Is this the image I should be loading?

I've also read that digidude has a plugin that does some wonderful things with this box. Can someone please explain what it does, and where I would find it.

I'm using this to mostly watch channels on 28.2e as I only have use of a fixed dish.

So far I've been trying to use an image from DW dated 16-Jul-2011 (a modified iQ image), and it seems to suffer bad lipsync on the HD channels.
I think the SD channels are ok with this, but not watched enough yet to notice.

Your help & advice would be very welcome.

Many thanks,
Tony B

30-08-2012, 09:55
over the past weekend, i setup 2 tm800s in the kids bedrooms as they been nagging for HD channels, theyre on a fixed dish as well.

for basic tv viewing, without wanting to run very advanced plugins or addons, it runs fine. i have installed the epg updater, rats channel list updater (for channel lists for 28.2E) and 1channel for streaming films etc

ill dig some links out for the latest images etc shortly

30-08-2012, 15:12
Thanks Digidude!

I'm not interested in recording anything off the box. I have a N line that I use for viewing some channels. The HD ones do tend to suffer lip sync on them though. Would be handy if that were resolved.

30-08-2012, 17:50
Thanks Digidude!

I'm not interested in recording anything off the box. I have a N line that I use for viewing some channels. The HD ones do tend to suffer lip sync on them though. Would be handy if that were resolved.

i very much doubt that problem will ever be resolved as it seems like TM have left the 800hd in the past (thats NOT an official stance from TM its just my view on the matter and im sure plenty of others would agree) so you will just need to continue to working around the lip sync problem on the hd channels or unfortunetly grab yourself a new box. I got rid of my 800 and own a twin and it does not suffer the same problem as 800hd

30-08-2012, 18:46
I currently have a TM800HD running 16/07/11 backup and find it the most stable for me, no hdd, 2gb usb in back with 32mb swap file, epg and picons. Use rytec to download epg but it is a bit hit and miss even with new sources. Havent really noticed any lip sync issues recently but having said that I dont tend to watch tv much, normally just a quick flick through the channels and probably catch up on news.

I dont have any additional plugins installed. Simply used DBE to transfer Rats channel list over.

01-09-2012, 11:11

Can you tell me what the purpose of the swap file does? Does it help with the lip sync issues? And how would you set it up?

I've got the DWiQ 16/07/11 image loaded at the moment with nothing additional installed. Namely as I don't know how.
If the swap file help boost memory, I wouldbe interested to learn how to set it up.

Thanks again.

abu baniaz
01-09-2012, 12:38
You can download the DW images from http://www.sattvhelp.com/forum/downloads.php?do=cat&id=22

The swap file does not help with lip sync. You should also note that HD channels output lower volume on the TM800. If I remember correctly, Digidude had the swap file plugin installed on the DW image. You can create a swap file and also patch the receiver to mount it during the boot up.

Which ever image you use, you will need to update the rytec.sources.xml file. My preference is the 16/07 DW image.

01-09-2012, 23:17
yes, ive now noticed in the last few days that the sound level on the HD channels is a LOT lower than the SD channels. id never really noticed how great the difference was, as it was always on the main living room tv, but, now the receivers are in the kids bedrooms,. and theyre changing channels on them, sometimes at 4am (my one boy has never slept a full night in his life) switching from discovery HD, to SD discovery +1, at 4 in the morning, the whole house is suddenly filled with adverts

the swap file gives the receiver some extra virtual memory to process tasks, this will not help with lip sync issues though

my kids have not said anything about lip sync issues, and my boy watches lots of the D channels, so in the morning ill report what images they have loaded, i know theyre running 2 different images, one has iQ, the other has a DW image

02-09-2012, 16:28
What are the rytec.sources.xml files used for and how do I update them?

02-09-2012, 16:52
They are used to get you an epg m8, you need to have crossepg installed first you then configure cross epg select rytec sources you want from a list and download. Using open tv is better imho but unsure if it works on tm800.

02-09-2012, 21:44
The swap file as digidude says gives you exta virtual memory, its not essential but it wont hurt to have one. Cant help with the lip sync issue, could it be related to C/S? Do you have lipsync issues with FTA channel? I remember one of the first rants I made about the TM800 was to low hd volume especially between ads when the audio streams change.

07-09-2012, 18:49
Ok, so I've plugged in an old 8GB USB I had left lying around but have scoured through the TM setup options and cannot find anywhere to create the swap file.

Anyone have instructions on how I set it up?

Tony B

abu baniaz
07-09-2012, 18:55
You will need to use Digidude's plugin. From there you can use check if receiver is patched to mount swap file, create one etc.


07-09-2012, 19:41
Thank you kind sir!

28-09-2012, 20:37
I managed to resolve all these dodgy issues last week.

I sold the box. Now using a Spider 9900.