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23-09-2012, 13:55
Hi All,

I tried to install an internal HDD fully formatted and new but TM800HD does not recognize it. And when I use it via SATA adaptor on external USB slot it works fine.
Can anyone show me how to install it internally as I may have missed a cable connection.
Thanks for assistance

23-09-2012, 14:17
Hi m8 welcome to the forum :) internal sata never worked on tm800 in fact TM were giving out free usb adaptors becuase off it. There was a fix for it made by jimux from allsats but i never tried it ill try and dig it out.

23-09-2012, 15:07
From allsats forum many thanks sorry to see you go :(

Basically we have intervened between the hard disk and the firmware drivers by diverting output to a logical disk instead of direct to the physical disk. The system works well on all the disks we have tested but our resources are limited so we would like all members with TM800 boxes to try it. Whilst it is only necessary if, like me, you have a disk that wont record the system is robust and can be used on any disk.

Installation is two parts.
1. Install the attached DiskUtilities.xml file in /etc/ppanels

2. Open PPanels, Internal Disk Utilities
. Download software - don't worry it sits on the hard disk and does not reduce memory space like addons do.
. Create a disk of a suitable size. The process is slow but you can leave it running and go back to watching TV.
. Set the default recording path.

And now you are ready to record to your internal sata disk, regardless of what make and model of disk you have. We would appreciate feed back, both positive and negative so we can enhance the system if necessary.

create disk
Set new default recording path
Move recordings en mass to internal disk/movies, front usb, rear usb
Delete en mass all recordings in logical disk
remount disk after a reboot

Only valid functions are shown.
Cannot make disk before downloading software.
Cannot download software twice
Cannot delete or move non-existing files.
Can only move files to mounted devices.

Note: This software will work on any TM800HD image, but the PPanel presentation layer relies on the enhanced Andromeda-HD PPanel interface to show all helptext and output correctly. The Andromeda PPanel has 3 lines of context sensitive help text, a wider window with more characters per line and dynamic highlighting of current line to assist in reading wide output.

abu baniaz
24-09-2012, 02:54
That attachment probably won't work as it depends on a download from a server which no longer exists.

Simon4545 on the WOS site did some work with it so may be worth a look there.