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17-10-2012, 21:14


I was asked to take a look at it but I no longer have a TM800 here..

Back up of TM800-IQ-image OPEN PLi

ITS 28.2e only as this is my 2and box and have no need to use it as motorised any longer
This is taken from a Back-up image so wont run the wizard its ready to go
hdmi set to 1080i
i have changed the boot up image,
installed the latest rytec sources.xml,
changed the spinner,
added a modified SGT Flip Flop channel list

tested SGT Flip Flop picons - working from rear usb
records to front usb

CCcam is running just needs .cfg file amending by FTP through /var/etc
the epg can be forced to update via yellow button option 1 or wait for auto update set to 03:37

18-10-2012, 18:48
Are able to upload the image here so that we can give it a try.

18-10-2012, 23:31
Good Q

I have asked the member that alerted me to it to ask the author for permission to share (don't want to start a forum war or anything lol)


I forgot to add that tests run by said member has found it to be very stable with it recording HD content without stuttering or crashing on playback, so I think it's worth a test..I will try and get a m8s box over soon to see what happens..

18-10-2012, 23:39
(don't want to start a forum war or anything lol)

go on go on go go on gooooo on :)

19-10-2012, 13:24
I can't upload it to this forum as the rar filesize limit is too small..

You can download it from the forum (as posted above)

Simples :)

Further information is that it's a stripped down IQ/Open PLi image that has increased stability in tests run by a fellow forum member there.

19-10-2012, 16:52
Dont really want to join another forum just to be able to download a file.

19-10-2012, 18:13


19-10-2012, 19:34
Cheers m8 ,loaded just filling epg now.

25-10-2012, 22:40
I've had 2 of these boxes back here today and have updated and installed one of them...

Box was programmed with 4 satellites, 19/13/23/28 East. Using 3 dishes (19/13 monoblock dish & 23 dish & 28 dish)

Using the advanced tuner setup, it is able to overcome the Diseqc issue where it fails to switch the 4in1 switch and then the monoblock by repeating the commands..

For anyone that cares, if you need to use a diseqc switch with a monoblock (you obviously don't want the switch to move to input B when you're controlling the monoblock with A and B commands) simply use a Televes 7269, which allows both A and B commands to remain on port A of the switch :)

Anyways, so A = 13/19, C = 28 & D = 23.

Loaded Vhannibals channel list into DreamSet and removed all but these 4 satellites, uploaded to the TM800.

Updated the EPG Import for Rytec Erotic (lol), Rytec Italia, Rytec Greece [English] and Rytec UK/BBCi..

After a manual import, around 110k events [for the 3 days set] and after using both the sat and favourite lists, checking all the channels were present by switching back and forwards between satellites it never crashed once..

& all this after faffing about getting the tuner settings correct.

It played old recordings off the 500Gb HDD (using the SATA>USB mod) and so far, so good..

It can be a little sluggish at times, but I'm used to my Twin now which is faster..

As the PQ over HDMI is excellent, this is one of the reasons it would be nice to get some decent f/w for this box..

26-10-2012, 22:40

On the 2nd box, fitted with a TM WiFi module, I would say that using the 'Scan Networks' is a bit useless, as selecting the SSID and pressing connect failed repeatedly..

I manually entered the SSID into the Adapter properties (which was exactly the same name as it used via the network scan menu) and hit save and it connected first time..

So, if you need to connect via wifi, enter the SSID and you'll save yourself a headache..

Still nothing to report re stability..

I did find the slugishness seems to come and go, it got better when I dumped the included channel list, but you have to be careful with the satellites.xml file in the etc/enigma2 folder (which is not updated when you upload a list, as that sat.xml is located in etc/tuxbox) else you'll end up with greyed out channels, even when you know you have the correct xml file in etc/tuxbox...

Also, I removed all the cams/configs and installed mgcamd135a and disabled the dish moving graphic..

Does anyone know where the EPG importer is saving the EPG data? The first box has a large HDD, so it would be ok if it used that, the second box has no HDD so I disabled it (it's not used on 28E, so it's not important)

Anyways, I think I'll get the third (my old) TM800 back and update it and its lists as I think this f/w is fine for the average viewer..

01-09-2013, 11:43
which is the most stable image for this box?

01-09-2013, 12:35
hi nmcc i would say the best image is prob this one TM800_update-Dd-tmsw-20121021.rar http://www.technomatesoftware.co.uk/Archive/index.php?dir=TM800HD%20Linux/DW%20images/