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09-11-2012, 10:54
TM-800 Problems /Solutions.

TM-800 has a poly switch 750watts resistive to any LNB/cable faulty/ short to stop tuner/ Receiver bellowing up to smoke.
In case of faulty cable/LNB/bad connection from LNB to tm-800 is resisted for few hours then will reboot/ shutdown. If this happen few times tm-800 has to be turned off then look for faulty connection problems.
Continuation of shutdown/rebooting >> Power supply or mainboard gets damaged need to send to Technomate for repair,
Why it re boots/cuts off/works for few hours then cuts off/No VFD display.
1-Take all cables off except power cable turn on and wait for 30 minutes look at VFD in front panel if above happens box hardware problems and it is faulty,
2-If not >> connect one cable at the time and give about 10 minutes for each cable connection to find which connections is creating problem.
3-If dish/LNB cable is creating problem best way to use new cable or a 3 meter short new cable connect to LNB left next to tm-800
For few minutes if tm-800 still showing problems then it is has been damaged best way to send it to Technomate for repair.
4-Turn off the power/ take off all cables from rear or of tm-800 /open top cover clean all dusts from mainboard/power supply
Why tm-800 getting problem as bellow.
Green screen/Re boots/work ok but as you change channel re boots/watching for few hours suddenly re boots.
If memory overloaded by extra plugins/un wanted add-ons/wrong channel list/FTP wrong files/3rd party images/not turn off from rear for long time weeks and weeks.
Best way to Download by usb new iQ image 09-11-2011 then do factory re set/off/on from rear for one minutes
Fresh scan only few channels in FTA hd or sd leave it on for 30 minutes one hour if all ok then download anything you want but do one at the time finding out which one creating problem.
When I change channel I see freezing picture will not disappear .
or Pictur on pictur split to few pictur then channel open or will not open
Menu/system/customize/turn off fast channel zapping,
When I change channel I can see on the left hand side something spinning .
Because of
Wrong 3rd party image {firmware }/Wrong channel list/Overload memory.
Advise Need new image download iQ image 09-11-2011
Finally after all above still has software or hardware problem that cannot get fixed for whatever you have done please send it to Technomate will let you know if any charges but finally will be fixed ,

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If above is not to your liking then there will be part exchange solution of your tm-800 for any other models of Linux or none Linux contact 0208 884 0259 for advise,

02-12-2012, 13:54
I have 2 TM800s has any actually got a part exchange for another model that works?