View Full Version : Right Technomate now the twin is up and running when we getting the 800 image

17-04-2012, 20:10
the poor 800 hd has been neglected now for a long long time . it's long suffering owners have had to sit back and wait and wait . Now we where told when the twin is up and running the iq team will put all their time and energy into finishing the 800.So please mate can you tell me when this will happen ?


18-04-2012, 00:46
What a shoddy way to treat the 800HD owners!! SHAME on th iq team!! Give us (800 hd owners), a break and put us out of our misery: WE DEASERVE AND DEMAND A BETTER TREATMENT!!!!

18-04-2012, 16:20
hello Technomate ???

19-04-2012, 08:10
yep i agree. TM800 owners have been dragged through the mill over the last 2 years, with the latest they were told being along the lines of 'once tm-twin is finished, tm800 will be started march 1st and a finished release by the 15th'

7 weeks later and still no news of them starting, although we did hear that it had 'been delayed due to twin issues'

TM are coming VERY close to alienating themselfs from the whole market by repeatedly saying things like this and then nothing being done about it

while their HQ aftersales may be excellent, their pre-sales PR engine defies words and logic

with the flood of 'hybrid' boxes about to hit the market (already in the market actually) that work, this is going to be a VERY rocky time for TM