View Full Version : TM800hd fans spins on standby

30-06-2013, 16:46
Is there any way to stop the fan spinning constantly while on standby? Not a major problem but why would it need active cooling while on standby, plus the noise is irritating when I am close to the receiver, not forgetting the power consumption too. Would it be safe to disconnect the fan altogether?

30-06-2013, 16:49
turn it of at the back if its that loud but i wouldn't disconnect the fan :)

30-06-2013, 17:09
I do turn it off at the back but the problem is it takes so long to load when switched on that way.

30-06-2013, 17:28
i have not got mine at mo have it back tomorrow have you tried deep standby will it still spin then i have not had/used in such a long time i cant think if it is always spinning or not

30-06-2013, 17:49
Yeah deep standby does switch the fan off but acts like a rear switch off as the switch back on takes the same amount of time loading.