View Full Version : Does the TM800 LAN Port work if the WiFi Card is installed?

16-09-2013, 22:36
Had a problem with a m8s TM800 today which refused to work over LAN after working fine via WiFi (internal TM wireless card fitted) so I'm wondering if the LAN port works while the WiFi card is installed..

I tested the new LAN cable with both my tablet and a LAN cable tester and found no issue, so why the TM800 is struggling is a mystery.

I want to hard wire it for him in order to avoid the WiFi lag, but I've had to leave it WiFi enabled as I ran out of time today :(

It's setup as static and I have the correct gateway (I'm not a novice lol) but it refuses to function. Has anyone seen anything similar..?


17-09-2013, 08:00
in the receivers menu, you have to disable the WiFi for the LAN to then become active, and restart the receiver in between, then run through the network wizard again and select the LAN port for the communications

17-09-2013, 09:59
I opened the adapter settings and set the 'use this adapter' setting to no for the WiFi and then set the LAN for yes. The WiFi reports itself as disabled and the LAN reports itself as enabled and the network test comes back all green ticks (except for DHCP as this is a static setup)

Same IP works for WiFi, but not for LAN :(

Doesn't make any sense..Going back today for another crack at it :)


17-09-2013, 18:54
its possible you may need to turn on DHCP, have an IP assaigned, then turn it back off, especially if on the router that IP address is reserved for the MAC address of the WAN adaptor, as that will be a completley different MAC from the LAN port of the receiver

17-09-2013, 21:24
Turned out to be a rank port on an 8 port switch which was causing a problem for the A/P that the TM800 was connected to...

Took a while to find it as all 8 pins were valid according to the ethernet tester..

Oh I just lurve networking :p

Thanks for the input though m8, appreciate it.