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19-03-2015, 07:48
Hello today I got email from here that someone tried to log in using my username and after 5 attempts the username was locked, I know it wasn't me also in the email showed the IP addy of this person that tried to log in please check that out because I know it wasn't me I wasn't surfing the web I got the notification via my android phone went home turned laptop ON and log in here to notify, thanks in advance TP

19-03-2015, 09:16
just shows its working,

to all make sure you have strong passwords

19-03-2015, 09:35
just shows its working,

to all make sure you have strong passwords
Thank God I use strong and something that has no sense as a password because if I use something that has sense it could be easy to find out like birth date nick name but I use something that has no meaning with symbols and more stuff, the important thing is in your settings to have instant email notifications of the forum's activity and you will know when someone tries to hack your account, thanks to you all.
Pauldb can you see the IP address of this person? Maybe I can PM you the info I got in the Email and you can ban or find out who tried to do this...............

19-03-2015, 15:08
if you google the IP address, youll probably find its a chinese mobile registered IP. they are hitting millions of accounts a day. once they find an account that they access, they then proceed to use the forums PM system to spam the members

theres a little onformation here