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Thread: Web radios on Technomate TM5402

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    Web radios on Technomate TM5402


    I regularly listen to web radios with my Technomate TM 5402 HD M3.
    To find a new station, it is necessary to use the search tool, and type the name of the station.
    But some stations are unknown for the equipment.
    For example, when I type "Manx Radio", the station is unknown for the TM 5402.
    I wonder how the stations are listed in the Technomate. In a database, or real search on the web?
    Is it possible to add manually a new station, if I know the ip address of the station?

    Many thanks in advance for your help.

    South-West France

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    you should be able to add it to a m3u file and add upload it like a iptv list so download the attached file unzip it open it with notepad and you see the ip of the radio station i have added delete that enter yours and save exit transfer it to a usb pop it in the front of the box then go to menu usb/external device usb up/down file manager ok select the radio.m3u file press ok wait for the finished message exit a few times till your back on the tv then press the red button then you should see your station
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    Thank you very much for your reply.
    Because I am a newbie, I can't download your file.
    So, I created a m3u file, and tested it with VLC on my computer. It's working.
    Then, I uploaded it on my TM 5402.
    But I don't see the station on the iptv list when I press the red button.

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    In fact, I am now a Junior member.
    I downloaded your file, and it's now working well on my TM 5402.
    A line was wrong on my first file.
    Thanks a lot for your help!


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