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Thread: Faulty PSU

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    Quote Originally Posted by msawad View Post
    the symptom you stated give a big doubt in the front panel IC (it is a regtangular black piece with many legs) .
    when the IC get hot nothing is working.
    There is a test for that problem by freezing the IC using a special spray Can ( called CO - Cooler) but sure you dont have in home.

    Try the below steps if you can:

    1- Keep the STB cover removed
    2- locate the IC in the front panel (usually front panel have only ONE IC chip)
    3- keep the STB ON all time
    4- when the problem happen spray the IC by a perfume spray or eau de toilet spray (because you dont have CO - Cooler spray) . The Alcohol with evaporate and cool down the IC and its internal parts shrink
    5- if the front panel back to work again that means the IC is 100% failure
    Its working now, but i know for next time, would some old spice do the trick?

    And yep on WOS only first post is visible
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    it is hard to diagnosis electronics device remotely without take some voltage measurment and have wiring diagram.
    what make doubt more in IC and not PSU that 5+ and 5- regulator provide voltage to mainboard too , if it failed you will not get any channel on the TV screen...but may be CG121 is right too.

    One other point i forget and keep it in mind to check:
    next time your stb stop working try to hit the box body by hand...if working then you have loose connection inside or dry solder point.
    The dry solder point looks same in these photos (i am not sure if it is allowed to post links here or not...if illegal please delete it)
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    Fault experienced:
    Flashing RED LED on bootup, then Twin boots up.
    No Active Front panel buttons
    No Active VFD (display)
    No Active IR receiver (remote control disabled)

    Twin operates fine when used with webif/dreamon control

    Replaced damaged regulator, all systems restored.

    Sound familiar?
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    My Twin has had the same discolouring for a long time. Is it best to change the regulator as well as the capacitor next to it?

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    I would and any bulging electrolytics if present..

    Mine is now locking up (no picture/sound/network/remote) and then unlocking (without any intervention or rebooting) so basically, the thing is a major pain in the ass lol.
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    I have same problem powers up but no front panel working have changed chip near u3 but same problem can ant one help

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    mines the same bud i got 2 of them like it been like it for over a year now tm quoted £35+ vat for a new power supply i have changed the viper chip still the same you can still use it via the webif but its just a annoyance having to use it
    tm twin tm800 hd orbital 80cm tm 2600 motor and tm f3/5 openbox c4s gigablue quad plus & gibertini op 150 vbox 18"super powerjack

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