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Thread: Technomate TM-Twin vs Nanoxx Omega HD+

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    Technomate TM-Twin vs Nanoxx Omega HD+

    Hi all,

    I have a german based receiver named nanoxx omeha hd+
    So Nanoxx Omega and Technomate Tm-Twin are identical.
    By the way,Nanoxx uses factory firmware despite Technomate uses Enigma2 image.

    I wonder how can i upload technomate e2 image on nanoxx.I know Boot files are different.
    There maybe pushing okey button after e2 image loaded.

    Thanks in advance

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    Apart from these;

    I think Every e2 images can load to nanoxx after changing bootloader.
    That of course must be correct cfe boot file.

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    the tm-twin is able to boot into a choice of operating systems, either the enigma 2, or the RTOS that you will see on the nano, when you very first power on the receiver, for the first few seconds repeatedly press the EXIT button to switch where it boots from (if that doesnt work, try the OK or MENU button) its possible that without the correct bootloader pre installed that this may not work at all

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    Is there any rtos firmware for tm-twin.Because I have never found any rtos fw for tm-twin.
    I also thank you for clue.

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