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Thread: samsung tv

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    Junior Member weedug's Avatar

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    Feb 2016

    Question samsung tv

    hiya, i have a Samsung tv model ue46f6670
    it has a connection on the
    back for freesat, would i be right in
    thinking if i had a sat dish, (which i dont have yet)
    it would pick up channels, tia

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    Administrator pauldb's Avatar

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    yep but only the freesat channels, nothing else

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    Junior Member weedug's Avatar

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    Feb 2016
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    so its basically freeview , nothing special then,
    at least i know i have the option,
    also thouht i could put
    a card in, as there is space for that
    thanks for your reply

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    Donated member fraggle121's Avatar

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    if its a smart tv u can install smart iptv and watch loads of channels but u will need to get a iptv server.
    with that all u will need is ethernet conection no dish or aerial.
    all u will need to do is give the server the mac address of the tv and the server will activate your tv..
    but iptv is expensive however u will get tons of channels ....

    and it works as well as on a mag box.but u wont get catch up tv or vod from the server that only works on a mag box.
    it also works on lg smart tv.

    you will need to look up how to install smart iptv u have to login into the tv as developer and install it that way its easy enough though,

    thats if u wanted to go down that route.

    a small video showing it...
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